House .. time to get down to the nitty and the gritty

I am all excited about all the stuff I found on Martha Stewart . com .. cleaning products that are natural.

Now that we are going to re-paint and carpet the house, thanks to Jason's Dad (carpet & paint guy) I feel like we can get the house together..

I have kept design ideas aroung for a while, but havent made any decisions, but paint color can really influence a feeling in a house..
I want that calm, clean, tranquil welcoming feeling when you come in, something that relaxes us after a long day at work.

I found a few new websites for inspiration: (reminds me I want to plant some this year)

I do want to take some of the pictures that I have taken and get them printed and framed.. guess I should make a list!

Some of my inspiration pics

Anyways.. there are so many things to do to the house that its hard to know where to start!

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