Big Idea- Country Cooking- Or Something

So I got a wild hair to do some souther cooking, being that my family origins are deep routed southerners! Well, apparently their skills weren't completley passed on to me.

My Idea:
Country Fried Steak
Biscuits and Gravy
Watermelon and Stuffed peppers

What happened?

Hard steak - soggy mushy flour on the outside
Gravy- Not bad for a first try on sausage gravy
Biscuits- Hard to mess up - out of the package

Watermelon- perfect (can I take credit for the cutting or something?)

Stuffed peppers with a twist- not bad

Overall grade: C-

Luckily, Jason didn't make me feel bad about the food. Although, I was a little reluctant to eat the steak.

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