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This is the item they are discussing! Made by myst33 ( ID)

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I love your DIY canvas in the loft library! Do you mind explaining how you made it?

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Hey thanks! It was pretty easy, but time consuming. First, I designed how I wanted it to look in terms of font and layout (I used photoshop) Then I saved it on a flash drive and took it to kinkos to have them blow it up (I reversed it using black letters on a white background) They blew it up to the exact dimensions of the canvas (24 x 30) I then painted my canvas a mix of white and off-white (although it pretty much just looks like white) I then used a carbonless transfer paper called saral to transfer the letters to the canvas. I placed the saral on top of the canvas, then placed the print out on top of that. Using a pen, I carefully traced around the letters. After it was transferred, I used a black sharpie to outline all of the letters. Lastly, I filled in the negative space (the black).

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