Fall Cleaning Challenge- Prep for Painters!

We have just scheduled our painters for next weekend- November 8th and 9th, I realized that I had not made final choices on colors... I have a lot of great ideas but not drawn out list of which room = this color...

So I had fully intended to spend the weekend doing the:

courtesy of Katie aka Hyper Awesome Homemaker... but my schedule went like this:

Friday Night:
Get home from work
Run to Grocery Store
Come home - Make Dinner Chicken Braised in White Wine Sauce
Throw Candy in Bag
Act like I have it together for the trick or treaters
Run back in the house 5 times to check on dinner
Hand out some candy
Back in the house at 8pm
Eat Dinner
Last trick or treater 8:30 pm
Throw load of laundry in (OMG the pile is huge)

Print off Cleaning Checklist totally planning on spending the time cleaning
Got to coffee at Starbucks with the ladies (semi monthly occurrence)
Stop by the mall on way home- Hair Products
Run Home
Make shopping list for target
Run to Target (this took 35 minutes... hard to get around in the DC area) (realized I didn't have wrapping paper for my moms bday gift)
Rush home
Quick shower- powder my nose
Throw on Dress
poor DH I am stressing at this point
Meet parents for dinner

Make breakfast
Back to Target - Curtain Rods
Joann Fabric- Pick fabric for new curtains & O rings
Go back home
Go to Home Depot for Toilet repair kit and to find two more color samples for paint & look for lumber for wainscoating
Run back home
Start dinner
Laundry pile is still big
Make over my chandelier
Cook Dinner
Read work email prep for 8am meeting (Monday)
Jump in bed at 9:30

Up at 5:15am get ready for work

Needless to say I think I have the colors mapped out!


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  1. Sounds like you still got a LOT done though! WOW!

    Just split it up over the week. You can do it! :)


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