Best Veggie/Healthy Sandwich EVER!!

Sorry I would have more to take a picture of, but I ate it!

(all from Trader Joes)
1 Ciabatta Roll
Portobella Mushroom Cap
2 pc of good Provolone Cheese
1 Roma Tomato
Baby Spinach
Balsamic Vinegarette Dressing

  1. Wash mushroom
  2. Place on paper-plate and microwave for 1min 30 sec
  3. On another plate place roll
  4. Put a piece of cheese on one side of the roll and save the other one for the top of the mushroom once its done cooking
  5. Slice Roma tomato thinly
  6. Take cooked mushroom place on side of the bun that doesnt have cheese, put extra slice on mushroom, put back in the microwave for 30 sec
  7. Take out of microwave
  8. Ok lets put it together
  9. Handful of spinach (on top of mushroom covered in cheese)
  10. Put nice chunk of prouts on top of spinach
  11. Place sliced tomato on top of sprouts - sprinkle with salt and pepper
  12. Now drizzle some of your favorite Balsamic dressing on top
  13. Put the other slice of bread on top (with the melted cheese)
  14. Voila!
  15. Add a side of a few veggies or olives!!! Filling and healthy!

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