Weekend Checklist!

Its raining and I would rather look at something pretty!

*Items to Goodwill - DONE
*Grocery Shopping- DONE
*Prep & Wash all food- DONE
*Trash Out (upstairs, kitchen, bathrooms)- DONE
*Dry cleaning in Car- DONE
*Snacks prepped for this week- DONE
*Dust Living Room- DONE
*Dust Dining Room- DONE
*Sweep Kitchen- DONE
*Return items to Walmart- DONE
*Organize office- DONE
*Move star out of living room- DONE
*Dust Office-DONE
*Dust Bedroom-DONE
*Vacuum Upstairs-DONE
*Vacuum Stairs-DONE
*Vacuum Middle Floor-DONE
*Bleach Bathrooms-
*Laundry- mostly
*Wash bed linens- DONE

*Hang Curtains-DONE
*Hang Floating Shelves-DONE

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