Product Review- Sunless Tanning Spray!

The Contestants:

  • Bliss A Tan For All Seasons $36 Sephora
  • Solar Power All-Angle Professional Airbrush Tan $15 Bath & Body Works

Routine for both:
  1. Bath as normal, but include exfoliating at the end.
  2. Get out of shower, towel dry, put on lite layer of spf 15
  3. Jump back in the shower
  4. Test sprays on face and body
First Impressions:

Bliss- Very powerful spray, had to hold arm far away from body not an even mist (ended up having to blot with a dark colored towel), normally tanning spray smell.

Solar Power- Very fine mist, light tanning sent, held bottle 6-12'' from body, did not need to blot with towel


Bliss- Nice color after - not even though because of mister
Solar Power- Color is even, but not as dark as the Bliss

Who held up in the end?

By far the Solar Power from Bath & Body Shop. Its hard to mess up, no streaking, doesn't have a distinctive tanning smell, and you cant beat the price. I actually went out and just bought a second bottle.

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