Cleaning Prep List

Cleaning Prep

Cleaning Supplies

1. Bring Cleaning Supply Buckets from all floors to one area

2. Inventory

o Baking Soda (place in reusable jars) – Mark with Sharpie Marker

o Borax

o White Vinegar – Put in Spray Bottles Mark

o Essential Oil or Spray for Fragrance (Lemon, Lavender, Mint)

o Paper Towels or Terry Clothes (2 per bucket)

o Bleach

o Scrub Brushes (1 per bucket)

o Furniture Polish or All Purpose Dust

3. Make Shopping List (search for coupons)

o Check Furnace Air Filter – Add to list if needed

o Check/Empty Vacuum Filter – Add to list if needed

4. Clean all Scrub brushes – Run through dishwasher

5. Go to Store Purchase anything that you are low on

6. Place all items back in their containers

7. Put back in designated areas (1 per floor to make it easier)

8. Make sure iPod is loaded/charged and ready for cleaning

9. Boil Water for Cleaning any Drains

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