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...the cleaning system explained

I've received quite a few emails requesting my weekly chore list. Before I divulge, I must add a disclaimer. In no way do I profess to be a housecleaning expert. My home is frequently sub-par. (My excuse is that I live with two little tornadoes who find great joy in following behind me as I vacuum, leaving a trail of crumbs along the way.) This is housekeeping the Hannah way: imperfect but acceptable. I can answer the door anytime knowing that my house will be almost-in-order. It is leaps-n-bounds ahead of my old "clean the house on Saturday and watch the house deteriorate until next Saturday" plan.

To create my current plan, I combined three cleaning systems: My friend Kiersta's, the Fly Lady's, and knowledge from my magnificent mother. Together, I was able to make a handy little cleaning system. From the FlyLady, I learned to have three routines per day: a morning routine, a task list, and a bedtime routine. (The FlyLady is a wonderful program, but overall, it was much-too-much for me.) From my friend Kiersta, I learned to divide the chores between the weekdays and take the weekends off. I personally brought a knowledge of what needed to be done to keep the house spick-n-span. (Thanks, Mom.)

My chore list isn't profound. It is probably full of things that you already do in your home, but hopefully it will help someone out there. It is obviously tailored to me and my house, but you can change it to your own specifications.

1. empty dishwasher
2. check calendar + to do list
3. scriptures + journal

01. laundry (including all bed sheets)
02. vacuum
03. mop kitchen
04. wipe down doors
05. deep-clean bathrooms

01. send out birthday cards + thank yous
02. clean car

01. clean out fridge
02. clean kitchen (floor, rugs, surfaces, cupboards, pantry, etc)

01. grocery shopping
02. clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, baseboards)

01. re-organize kid's rooms (this really has to be done weekly in my home...)
02. clean living + family rooms. (dust, vacuum, baseboards)

focus on family day

01. update family blog
02. work on church assignment
03. read church book/conference talk

01. pick up house
02. run dishwasher
03. start tomorrow's to do list

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