Dreaming of a new chair

After many months of me griping about my DH's then bark-o-lounger that sits in the middle of our living room ....


We sold it on Craigslist (amazing what people will buy) and purchased this new baby below! 


It has nice clean lines and takes up a lot less room than the old one.. But, the problem is... we both love it and I find myself wanting to sit in it each night. For months I have thought, well I guess I will just get another one that is exactly the same, but then realizing that our couch is on the way out, how does this play into the room factor? Then we watched the movie up... I saw this and realized.. No I don't need to get the same chair and more than that they don't have to match exactly..

Disney's "UP"

This leads me to my search for a chair that I want.. I want it to be comfy, something my long legs can curl up in, classic (so that I won't think its hideous next season), as for color I would like to go outside of my comfort zone of gray, brown and black and look for something with coral or turquoise (crazy I know).. Here is what I have found so far:

ZGallery - Pauline Chair

So, what do you think??

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