Work With What you have Weekend #1 - Signage

Love all those cool signs that you can by on Etsy?

I do I do.. me me me

But, I have a hard time buying something I know I can do myself!

Hence the Work With What you have Weekends..

1. Take a piece of scrap wood
2. Sand, Prime, Paint background color
3. Find a font you like, word you want to go on the sign, print it out
4. Trace word with tracing paper
5. Place Tracing paper over painted wood, trace again push hard with pencil (or use carbon paper - I didn't have any, so  I used what I had)
6. Using paint fill in the letters
7. Sand around the edges to age the sign

It was totally free
Since I am not completely happy with the outcome (primarily the font I chose)
It is easy to paint over it and do it again, using the paint and tools I already own.
Sometimes I think its important to not only show the polished perfect pics, but the ones that we will try again!

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