Why spend the $$ when you can make it!

Totally inspired by Ana White over at Knock Off Wood has made me think twice before buying something super cute like this Picket Fence Coat Rack at JCPenney.com

Why would you spend 60$ when you could easily make this on your own!?


  1. LOL - I told my husband the same thing the minute I saw that trellis hanger in the catalog. "Seriously? they want how much for a $5 trellis with $6 worth of coat hooks on it?" Needless to say that catalog page is in my file. I'm going to do mine horizontally and mount it above the hot tub on the deck at our vacation cabin - great for holding the towels!

  2. Robin- that's a great idea to hand it horizontally!
    Can you believe 60$ - goodness..


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