Basket Case - Laundry

At least a bin case

While doing my domestic duties today -- 

I wanted to share with you what my laundry room is not!

Not calm, cool and collected like Life in the Fun Lane

Not warm and creative like House of Smiths

Photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson

or Laid back and confident like the former Young House Love's Laundry..

Nope, mine looks like utter chaos

So what to do? 

Quick trip to Five Below and pick up these bins.

 Pull everything out of the closet, 
including these items I have purchased using coupons :)

Clean the room 
- yuk that was gross.

attempt to take a pic or it all
-wait honey don't walk....

OK lets try that again

Put it all back (or at least what actually belongs in there)

Cleaning Center

Laundry Care Kit

Extra items neatly placed on the shelves.

Remove the bracket for the old dirt devil, 
which didn't work and went in the trash.
-no check (see the ugly gray thing on the wall?) - on tomorrows list

Still dreaming of

But I can live with clean and functional for now..

(other pictures from Apartment Therapy)

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  1. What a big difference organizing that made!

    OK that last inspiration pic has been my #1 laundry room dream for a long time! So much so that I completely changed the design of our laundry room around so that I can add a big window over the washer and dryer. Not that I need a big window over the w/d but it will really balance out the look of the house (imagine 60' long ranch with 2 big windows on one side of the centered door and only one on the other side). The only problem is my laundry room is 1/4 the size of that room so all of my detergents and such will have to squeeze in a bottom cabinet. But if it turns out anything like that pic I'm all for it!


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