Work With What you have Weekends

In an effort to stop buying and either use what I have or get rid of it, I came up with an idea! (insert light bulb) Why don't I just work with what I already have?
because its more fun to spend an hour perusing Home Goods than looking through the boxes of decor items, stationary, baskets, spare wood, cans of spray paint, multiple versions of the same tools and actually .. well .. .think!

Working With What I have .. is really a challenge for me and since the only time I really have to blog is on the weekends.. well you know the rest.

Rule for me (and maybe you too): 
1. Be creative
2. Don't go out and spend any additional $$ on your creation, whatever it may be
3. Document it
4. Figure out how much money I just potentially saved us, by not going out and buying it.