Etiquette, does it still exist?

Contemplating new book purchase- some important traditions shouldn't be lost.

Fantastic Birthday!

Ok, so forget turning 29, my birthday was great.

Started out the day with coffee with the ladies- Saturday morning tradition

Then went to my parents house for a little visit- can't wait to get my new camera!

Then Jason and I were off to an eventful night- Jason planned the whole thing. We stayed at the Park Hyatt in Washington D.C. and had tea in the tea room at the hotel and then got dressed up for dinner at Marcels
after dinner Jason arranged a car service to take us to the Kennedy Center to see the sold out show The Lion King

It was fantastic! He did such a good job.

Thanks to everyone for all the Birthday wishes!

Big Idea- Country Cooking- Or Something

So I got a wild hair to do some souther cooking, being that my family origins are deep routed southerners! Well, apparently their skills weren't completley passed on to me.

My Idea:
Country Fried Steak
Biscuits and Gravy
Watermelon and Stuffed peppers

What happened?

Hard steak - soggy mushy flour on the outside
Gravy- Not bad for a first try on sausage gravy
Biscuits- Hard to mess up - out of the package

Watermelon- perfect (can I take credit for the cutting or something?)

Stuffed peppers with a twist- not bad

Overall grade: C-

Luckily, Jason didn't make me feel bad about the food. Although, I was a little reluctant to eat the steak.