Life is as easy as you make it!

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Am I a product hog??

My mom always said I had a "love" for products. You be the judge. Too many products in my shower? Yes, all are in there right now!

It's the little things...

Its the little things in life that make life so enjoyable.. With mothers day fast upon us, it makes me smile that some of the little things I treasure in life were taught to me or given to me by my mom...

(my moms hands, helping with my wedding dress)

Growing up, my mom would try and escape to the one bathroom that had a tub, but soon my dad would go in and talk to her.. then the cat would start pawing under the door.. then "the boys" (our two rottweilers) would want to know what they were missing... then sure enough my sister and I would finally poke our heads in as well... A tradition I didn't learn to fully appreciate until becoming an adult.. Seems you spend most of your younger years trying not to be like your parents and next thing you know, you turn around and there they are, looking back at you in the mirror... As I am quickly approaching 30, I am no longer scared of the reflection, whether its my wild curly locks or the snort that creeps into my laugh.. at the most inopportune moment...!

For me, we are fortunate to have two full bathrooms on our top floor and one of them - is all mine! This means that I get to soak in my tub and relax after a long hard day......except for the occasional visit from our french bulldog .. checking in to make sure that nothing new is floating in the tub...

My recipe for my relaxing bath:

2 Large Jars (a scoop from each into the tub) 6 Candles lit, and placed around the tub (my husband says its looks like a seance)-
  • 5 the aqua color from our wedding (makes me smile), one from Aveda
1 big squirt of Neutrogena Body Oil

1 big squirt of EO Bubble Bath (thanks to my mom) French Lavender

1 or 2 magazines for perusing by candle light

1 Bath Tub filled with HOT water!

The internet has so many wonderful things!

All of these are thanks to other nesties and bloggers. (this is more a list for me, to refer back too)

ABC Distributing- Furniture for pennies! - Hello Cool, Cheap Fabric online (and show with coordinating patterns)

- Neetoh!

Love Ahava products- this one looks yummy!

Pics I saw today and liked: