Plants - 2010

Dear Poor Neglected Plants,
Thank you for holding on through the holidays! I have a New Years resolutions to take better care of you!

Mrs. BellaSnorts

There is a problem with knowing what you want - Lighting

This seems to happen to me a lot, whether clothing, decor items or in this case lighting. I like to sit on the couch and read a book, while DH is flipping through channels. But, its too dark and our room has an odd layout which makes it difficult for a normal table lamp. SOO.. I had the bright idea to find a rustic bronze or nickel finished floor lamp that could hang over the couch and provide directed light. Well, stupid idea to think that this would be an easy find!

Option 1 - Restoration Hardware - Too expensive.... But the look I want

Library Task Floor Lamp

Option # 2 - Still too expensive - Target

Cantilever Adjustable Floor Lamp


Product Image Cantilever Adjustable Floor Lamp

Option # 3 - Getting Closer - TARGET - Still too expensive
Metal Floor Lamp- Dark Bronze $129.99

Product Image Metal Floor Lamp- Dark Bronze

Option # 4- WALMART - Not completely sold by the picture - but the price is good.. WDYT?
$59.98 Vision Max Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

Vision Max Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

Option # 5 - Like it - but the price... errr - JCPenney's - Will have to think on this one! Linden Street® Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp Sale $99.99 Original $200.00

Option # 6 - Like it - IKEA - FUN

KVART Floor/ reading lamp $19.99

KVART Floor/ reading lamp KVART Floor/ reading lamp

Todays Find - While shopping at Wegmans!

Seriously I don't think I can describe to you how yummy these soaps smell. I found them while perusing the organics section at Wegmans today. OK , so the packaging totally sucked me in, and at 5$ a pop, I almost didn't buy them, but then I smelled them!

Wow, if they work well I will be adding them to gift baskets!

You can find them here - Pacifica - Natural Soap

My mental break.. and finds..

thats what I call it.. a mental break..

I dont take smoke breaks..

I dont walk around and chat in the office..

I take a mental break from my data entry and other mind numbing tasks!

Today I found:

WOW Seaside Inspired- Great Home Items-- Just the style I like!

Seriously-- this chic has some great post, she will life you up and motivate you!

Through her I found:

Future me allows you to send an email to yourself or someone else in the future, you specify the date and it will be delivered on that date.. Pretty cool!

Seriously Sherbet Blossom, where have you been my whole life?!

See her post below

Visit Sherbet Blossom

...the cleaning system explained

I've received quite a few emails requesting my weekly chore list. Before I divulge, I must add a disclaimer. In no way do I profess to be a housecleaning expert. My home is frequently sub-par. (My excuse is that I live with two little tornadoes who find great joy in following behind me as I vacuum, leaving a trail of crumbs along the way.) This is housekeeping the Hannah way: imperfect but acceptable. I can answer the door anytime knowing that my house will be almost-in-order. It is leaps-n-bounds ahead of my old "clean the house on Saturday and watch the house deteriorate until next Saturday" plan.

To create my current plan, I combined three cleaning systems: My friend Kiersta's, the Fly Lady's, and knowledge from my magnificent mother. Together, I was able to make a handy little cleaning system. From the FlyLady, I learned to have three routines per day: a morning routine, a task list, and a bedtime routine. (The FlyLady is a wonderful program, but overall, it was much-too-much for me.) From my friend Kiersta, I learned to divide the chores between the weekdays and take the weekends off. I personally brought a knowledge of what needed to be done to keep the house spick-n-span. (Thanks, Mom.)

My chore list isn't profound. It is probably full of things that you already do in your home, but hopefully it will help someone out there. It is obviously tailored to me and my house, but you can change it to your own specifications.

1. empty dishwasher
2. check calendar + to do list
3. scriptures + journal

01. laundry (including all bed sheets)
02. vacuum
03. mop kitchen
04. wipe down doors
05. deep-clean bathrooms

01. send out birthday cards + thank yous
02. clean car

01. clean out fridge
02. clean kitchen (floor, rugs, surfaces, cupboards, pantry, etc)

01. grocery shopping
02. clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, baseboards)

01. re-organize kid's rooms (this really has to be done weekly in my home...)
02. clean living + family rooms. (dust, vacuum, baseboards)

focus on family day

01. update family blog
02. work on church assignment
03. read church book/conference talk

01. pick up house
02. run dishwasher
03. start tomorrow's to do list

Rockefeller Center - December 2009

Midway between places

Just another day in Bella Paradise...

5 Things people don't tell you about aging...

1. You can't sleep in anymore, sleeping in past 8am is an accomplishment

2. Your taste buds change.. when I hit 30 anything that used to taste good - coke, candy.. now is really really sweet.. to the point where I don't want it.. I know this is a good thing though

3. You scar more easily... what used to be a little nick on my hand from doing house work, is now a major identifier or land mark on my hand.. hasn't gone away and doesn't look like its going too

4. You start to get excited when people card you...

5. Adults still get acne .... need I say anymore

Books I am Currently Reading...

I first read Susan Richards "Chosen by a Horse" and liked it, so I am reading her second book.

I first started reading The Pioneer Woman's Blog about a year ago and have enjoyed everything from the photography tutorials to the country cooking recipes. This was a gift I received for the holidays and I spent an hour reading through all of the recipes last night. I really look forward to making some of them!

After watching Julie and Julia I was interested in Julia Child's life, from the little I got in the movie, I wanted to learn more... SO I ordered the original version of this book from Amazon (love Amazon)

Ok, I knew he is famous, had never read anything by him, figured it was about time I find out what all the excitement was about.

2010 Is here...

Now what... Just kidding! Today I took down our Tree, sad to see it go, but nice to have our living room back in order.

Now that my school semester had also wrapped up I can finally spend time getting some things done around the house that are calling my name..

One of the items that I have just ordered that I am excited about is a Steel Pegboard from Wall Control:
It will go on the wall in our office/craft room

Today's Finds!

Wow! Paula Deen - New Furniture Line: Love love love!!!

and who knew there was an entire design blog .. just for me ... he he jump over to her blog tons of great design pics all in my favorite color

and it only get better... yes now all of the products you want that are turquoise