Bathroom Tile Option- Green

Saw an episode on HGTV and learned about these mosaic penny cork tiles. They look relatively easy to install and for our tiny space, they cost would be less than having someone install regular tile (because we could do it our selves).

Still pondering the idea, but love the look and that its green..

Don't just give me a blanket statement...

I may have been in the military and taken my fair share of orders with out question, but when it comes to our home I need practical advice and step by step explanations when it comes to organizing. If you tell me just to do something, forget it, it goes in one ear and out the other. But, if you are able to show me why doing something a certain way will benefit me, I am much more likely to listen. I don't think I am alone here?!

I did not start out as an organized person, whether your clutter habits are learned behavior or something you are born with I will leave that for the professionals. The funny thing is after moving so many times throughout my life (California, Florida to Virginia and many in between), I felt the need to hold onto things from those places, maybe to give me the feeling that I wasn't starting all over again. But now, I am settled, and I don't have as much of a need to hold on to every little thing. Thankfully my DH has been very patient and has seen me mature over the years from tacking posters on the wall of our house just to have something there, to taking pride and making a home that we can both be proud to come home too.

Part of my journey in life, like most women I think is that if I have/had an "issue"  no matter what it was/is, I would identify it and take measures to fix it. For me, having a clean comfortable home to welcome DH, myself and our family too is very important to me. I have actually found that an unorganized home, will distract me from other important things throughout my day, even if I am away from the house (working). With a generation like ours with both adult working full-time jobs out of the home and commuting long distances, it makes having a Martha Stewart/Stepford Wife home near impossible. It makes just coming home, making an attempt at a healthy meal, doing a load of laundry, oh and trying to relax with DH before going to bed almost doable, almost. But, that's about it.

So I picked up a copy of "Confessions of an Organized Homemaker" by Deniece Schofield and a light finally went off for me. When I read, that going to bed with a dirty kitchen sink will just lead to you starting the next day behind (behind on the dishes) I got it. I also got that waking up and seeing a dirty kitchen sink is much worse then just dragging your tired  exhausted butt in the kitchen and just cleaning up after making a meal.
I also took this to heart with my bathroom, this is the first place I see in the morning.  I may not understand couples that sleep in different rooms, but I sure understand not sharing a bathroom (even though our bathrooms are tiny, luckily we have 2 full baths and I have my own space). I wanted to walk into a clean place to start my day. I have excepted the teeny tiny bathroom for what is and decided to get rid of junk  stuff that I really didn't need (5 different bottles of hair spray.. seriously that's only the beginning).

I am proud to say that for the last two weeks, no matter what rush I have been in, my bathroom has been left fairly presentable (I allow for crooked towels as long as they are hung .... well at least when guests aren't coming over ). The counter around the sink (its practically a pedestal sink) has been free of anything other than the hand soap and container I put my jewelry in.  The kitchen sink has been a work in progress, sometimes I feel as if there is good and evil on my shoulder saying "really its ok if you just leave that glass there, you work hard, take it easy" then the good side that says "how hard is it to just wash that glass and put it away" and the easiest excuse of all - the dishwasher is running, I will just wait until its finished.

To some, this may seem totally obvious/trivial, but to me, with 3 hours each night from the time I get home to the time I need to head to bed, I think these two things are huge improvements. Its about the baby steps right?

Speaking of time, this is cutting into my sleep, BTW the kitchen sink is clean.

Frugal Fix-it Friday #1 Drape Rods

Problem #1
Multiple curtain rods, joined by extenders, that come loose! 

Enter Exhibit A - they pull apart!

Enter plain old electrical tape

 I covered the joints with electrical tape and presto! They aren't pulling apart anymore!

Dreaming of a new chair

After many months of me griping about my DH's then bark-o-lounger that sits in the middle of our living room ....


We sold it on Craigslist (amazing what people will buy) and purchased this new baby below! 


It has nice clean lines and takes up a lot less room than the old one.. But, the problem is... we both love it and I find myself wanting to sit in it each night. For months I have thought, well I guess I will just get another one that is exactly the same, but then realizing that our couch is on the way out, how does this play into the room factor? Then we watched the movie up... I saw this and realized.. No I don't need to get the same chair and more than that they don't have to match exactly..

Disney's "UP"

This leads me to my search for a chair that I want.. I want it to be comfy, something my long legs can curl up in, classic (so that I won't think its hideous next season), as for color I would like to go outside of my comfort zone of gray, brown and black and look for something with coral or turquoise (crazy I know).. Here is what I have found so far:

ZGallery - Pauline Chair

So, what do you think??

Work With What you have Weekend #1 - Signage

Love all those cool signs that you can by on Etsy?

I do I do.. me me me

But, I have a hard time buying something I know I can do myself!

Hence the Work With What you have Weekends..

1. Take a piece of scrap wood
2. Sand, Prime, Paint background color
3. Find a font you like, word you want to go on the sign, print it out
4. Trace word with tracing paper
5. Place Tracing paper over painted wood, trace again push hard with pencil (or use carbon paper - I didn't have any, so  I used what I had)
6. Using paint fill in the letters
7. Sand around the edges to age the sign

It was totally free
Since I am not completely happy with the outcome (primarily the font I chose)
It is easy to paint over it and do it again, using the paint and tools I already own.
Sometimes I think its important to not only show the polished perfect pics, but the ones that we will try again!

We welcome Hobby Lobby to the DC area!

I have spent years reading blogs about the wonderful, the famous (at least in blog land) HOBBY LOBBY.

We have long suffered (yes suffered) with only having Michael's and the occasional AC Moore.

Not anymore!

Today my mom and I are making the long track (OK its only 40 miles) to Laurel, MD.

I can't wait!

Finally found something at Trader Joes I DON'T like

I have been a long lover of Trader Joe's and its products. Actually haven't had not found a product that I didn't like, 

Work With What you have... Weekend

coming soon

Use what you have....... Halloween

My Plan for using what we have... aka a no additional cost for decorating this Halloween!

  1.  Use scrap wood to create spooky signs!
  2.  Print photo's from last years pumpkin patch and use them in decorating around the house
  3. Use spray paint to transform something we already have...
  4. Look in the yard see what I can pick up and create