UP.... the tree that is


Here is the start of the rest of the decor

I made these on Saturday night!

This is my grandmothers tea cup and saucer and I just hung this shelf
(purchased from Hobby Lobby)

Our new eat in kitchen table arrived Saturday (chairs still to come)

"Organize" for the Holidays

Well... it was my intention to get "organized" before my actual holiday decor day (black Friday). What I ended up with is a disaster for a dining room.. Oh well....

Why spend the $$ when you can make it!

Totally inspired by Ana White over at Knock Off Wood has made me think twice before buying something super cute like this Picket Fence Coat Rack at JCPenney.com

Why would you spend 60$ when you could easily make this on your own!?

A little mid-week re-org

Emptied this cabinet


all of these glasses - seriously for two people that's crazy

here is what I had left over that I didn't put back - getting recycled or stored for later

here is the after
Bad before shot of the dishes cabinet
(I was to lazy to get my camera and just used my phone)
Pulled everything out and started to put things back
here is the after
yes I still have my ramekin section - I love small bowls
Here is the most useless cabinet ever (before) 
I have to get on all 4's to reach in to it
here is the most useless cabinet #2 (before)

Here are the after shots