To some

To some, the new year brings resolutions of unlivable goals.

For me, besides all of the obvious like wishing for world peace 
(hopefully that doesn't fall completely into the unattainable area).

I have a resolution to take care of what is important

 my health

 my family

and our home

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

"These go to 11"

Ehhh, who care if its blurry, it will only be in the house for the next 10 minutes.

Taking her out -

DH: You know I can help you with this, but you have to wait till I change clothes.

ME: But, I didn't want to wait. (typical answer from me)

Packed up and ready to put away!

Ahhh the living room is starting to look more normal

wait I am missing my new books

Ok this area isin't so clean yet, but getting there...

Of course she goes to 11.

Out you go! In with a clean house for 2011.

So the holidays are over, is it spring yet?

Not there yet, but I look forward to long hot days like these... 

An Entry- Updated!

Thanks to Chris Kauffman over at Just Beachy for inspiration and support, I knew after chatting with her that I could accomplish the look I wanted in our basement. From dark and drab (no natural light source) to warm and inviting. Thanks Chris.


First attempt at painting the entry 2007. You can see the old carpet that was stained and lacked contrast with the wall color.

Painted again in November 2008 and put in new carpets and laminate


2010 Update of Wainscoting



Keep It Simple - Guest Bedroom



Not a lot of fuss

Say Hello to my little friend!

I have loved this mirror for a while, so much so that I purchased it and put it in the closet for 6 months.. eeeh

O.K. I did finally get off my rump and hung it.

Good news, I still love it!