A snow day


my neighbor trying hard to get a picture of her son :)

Bella following 
the boys


snow angels? Nope - snow is to hard

Do you ever have days?

Those really good hair days, that you haven't done anything special but it turns out the way you want it too?

of course this only happens on days that you won't see anyone

then you either try and do it the same way the next time

or try and take a picture of it...

neither of which works ....

the white stuff

I like it when we get enough snow that I don't have to question whether I should go into the office or not. 7 inches and counting.

They are calling my name!

at the end of a long day

they call me 

"come pick one of us"


Lonny Mag Love

Every issue really is a new issue, featuring new and creative design ideas. I just wish I had a house big enough to implement all of these ideas. See the latest issue here: Lonny Mag Jan/Feb 2011

Here are a few of their latest:

Getting very sleepy....

And you thought it was only children that fell asleep like this.

Basket Case - Laundry

At least a bin case

While doing my domestic duties today -- 

I wanted to share with you what my laundry room is not!

Not calm, cool and collected like Life in the Fun Lane

Not warm and creative like House of Smiths

Photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson

or Laid back and confident like the former Young House Love's Laundry..

Nope, mine looks like utter chaos

So what to do? 

Quick trip to Five Below and pick up these bins.

 Pull everything out of the closet, 
including these items I have purchased using coupons :)

Clean the room 
- yuk that was gross.

attempt to take a pic or it all
-wait honey don't walk....

OK lets try that again

Put it all back (or at least what actually belongs in there)

Cleaning Center

Laundry Care Kit

Extra items neatly placed on the shelves.

Remove the bracket for the old dirt devil, 
which didn't work and went in the trash.
-no check (see the ugly gray thing on the wall?) - on tomorrows list

Still dreaming of

But I can live with clean and functional for now..

(other pictures from Apartment Therapy)

I have a Kinky little secret.....

A very kinky one, depending on the weather. Today is a mild day.

Its called Curly Hair. In fact I went back an tried to find pics with my curly hair. Not many to be found.

In an effort to take better care of me, I will include my hair in this.

This year I vow to use less of my Chi iron (oh poor Chi), use less hair spray, straightening serum, straightening gel, mouse, frizz ease and other damaging products to my curls!

I heard some one once say that your twenties you are trying to find out who you are....
Me at 28 in Vegas- great straight hair climate!

And in your thirties, you accept who you are and start enjoying it....

This is me, kinky secret and all. I am starting to enjoy it!